What Kind of Love is This? Posted by: Pat Council
May 9, 2012

I am always amazed how people can love one person and hate another. I am even more amazed at how people can claim to love, yet when it comes to skintone that appears to be where they draw the line. The question that pops into my mind is, "What kind of love is this?". Love is not defined by skin tone. The Bible, simply tells me to 'love my neighbor as I love myself'. That brings me to the next question. "If people choose not to love me because I am wearing a "hoodie" or because of the color of my skin, then does it mean they don't love themselves?" Also, if I judge someone as bad because of their color is different from mine, does it mean I don't love myself? I believe it's time we stop throwing the word "love" around and we start working to understand it's meaning, better yet, we should understand how to love as it was originally intended. How does one rise up in anger to shoot someone because of the color of their skin or how does one rise in anger to accuse someone without proof of guilt? What makes people want to start a movement rooted in fear and anger? If anything is going to get better, we have to get a thorough understanding of what love is all about and no matter what the situation is, learn to come from a position of love.
Our country has enough to deal with and creating any more separatism is only going to make us weaker as a nation. I am not saying ignore the issues, I am saying let's find a more productive way to deal with the issues. Here's a clue that things need to change. If you keep using the same method to solve an issue and the issue continues to exist 50 or more years later, then maybe it's time to look at the method that is being used. Yes, there is a time to get angry, but anger only introduces the problem in a way that it gets noticed. Once that happens, then it's time to make the switch to love in order to come up with a solution that will actually work and may be more lasting. Love brings people together, not separate them and love makes people blind to color, but able to see truth and solid justice. So I have to ask with everything going on today...what kind of love is this? Something to think about next time you quote a Biblical scripture. Are you quoting in the name of love or in the name of judging? Leave your comments and share from your heart.


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