Your First Networking RelationshipPosted by: Nicole Clark
May 7, 2009

nPower Consulting, Inc. Networking eTips - March 2009
Your First Networking Relationship
Take a moment and reflect on your first networking relationship.  You may look on your career(s) and think of the first person you forged a relationship with, however, you need to look further back, to your first relationship.  Networking is about relationships. Who was the first person you developed a close relationship with?  Most likely, it was the person who raised you.  Was it your mother, grandmother, aunt, or father? More than likely, she or he was many of your "firsts" - your first friend, your first mentor, your first advisor, your first cheerleader, your first negotiating partner, and your first networking contact. She or he helped you to develop into the person you are and taught you the benefits of networking.

Take a moment to reflect on how you are someone's "first" networking relationship. Are you your child's, your sibling's, or a relative's first networking relationship?  What are you sharing and showing this person regarding the benefits of networking?  How are you impacting his or her life when it comes to networking with others?

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10, 2009 in the United States and Canada.  Please take time to contact all the women in your network who are mothers on Mother's Day. At the least, thank them for creating "first" networking relationships. Consider sending an electronic greeting card to all the mothers in your network, or better yet, give them a call.


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