What’s this organization all about?
A. was started to help individuals and corporations network with people all over the country. It was also created to help ascertain who can provide you or your company with a contact, information, service or product for your particular needs throughout the country. By connecting professionals and companies together into an organization, we create endless B2B (Businesses to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) opportunities.

We feel very strong about our ability to gather and synergize that information with integrity for the direct and indirect benefit of our Members. The bottom line of this organization is to help find information to advance our Members personal and business needs.

Who started this organization?
A. The organization was started by a group of “Neo-Progressive Urban Professionals” that saw a need to connect Professionals across the country for “Networking and Business Development”.

Are you an advertising company?
A. Yes. has databases all over the country to help you or your company advertises to thousands of “high quality” urban professionals.
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Where is the company based?
A. We are based out of Atlanta, Georgia

What is your main goal of this organization?
A. Our main and ever present Goal is to be the “Information Clearinghouse” for urban professionals networking and exposure of products and services. 

What is the cost of Membership?
A. It’s FREE. Join Now

What is included in my Membership?
A. Your Free Membership includes the following:
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Can I join from any city?
A. Yes! Yes! Yes! The only way we can increase this Network is for people from all over the country to join so that the Network continually increases.

Testimonies I want testimonies!!!
A. Click here

Can I start a chapter up in my city?
A. Email us and we can send you information on that question.
Email us at [email protected]

What types of people are in our Membership?
A. We cater to every business and profession because we feel everyone has something to offer in terms of networking and information sharing.

What are the top core values of
A. Faith
B. Integrity
C. Forward Vision
D. Community Empowerment
E. Endurance
F. Self-Determination

Why should I join a Networking group like
A. If you have to ask your aren’t ready for this organization.

Does ever get together offline?
A. Yes we have networking events all over the country in different cities throughout the year. We also host an “Annual Ski trip” and an Urban Professional Weekend-Getaway” as well. (Sign up and join our database to stay informed on this particular events)


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