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Wichita, KS


May 1, 2014
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Financial Wealth Builders

2525 S Capri Lane
Wichita , KS 67210

I am a Financial Education Strategist

I vision is to empower you to

~  Improve Your Financial IQ

~  Empower You To Overcome The 2 Objectives Every American Faces Financially Everyday


Company Overview

Educate on how everyone can achieve financial success, improve their financial IQ, obtain personal growth and empowerment. Create wealth using your own money and to tap into the same strategies the wealthy teach their children

Changing Your Mindset ~ Changes Your Finances


Company Mission

~ Educate people on their finances

~ Debt Elimination

~ Benefits of Business Income

~ Investment Income -  How Money Makes Money



Break free from the Objectives we all face, the Challenges we have daily, and see the Solutions available for Success

Let me reveal the 2 Objectives every American faces financially.

~ The first is the reason you get up every morning and go to work ~ to maintain your Current rent/mortgage, bills, groceries, vehicle note.....


~ The second is to be able to maintain your Future Lifestyle when you stop working  retirement, company downsize…

Realize the 4 Challenges we must overcome, and 3 Solutions to get you on your way to financial freedom and success


Start the 3-6-9 Financial Transformation Strategy

Improve Your Financial Literacy & IQ Through Strategies Everyone Can Do                       Financial Education + Strategy + Discipline = True Financial Freedom


For more information please fill out the blueprint form;


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May 2, 2014 - 1:07 pm, Jerome Davis said…

Hello Sharon and welcome tot he Network! Do you have a website? I didn;t see it listed on your profile.


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