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Bethany Hines

empowerment and encouraging to fight breast cancer...never give up the fight
David Arnold
18 Yr. vet stand Up comedian and TV writer who testifies with laughter his journey to a successful career and 16 yrs sober.
Lisa Richardson
Small Business Digital Strategist & Womenpreneurs Tech Coach
Rhonda Davis
Author, Speaker, Business Events
Aleasa Word
Ms. Word is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach specializing in Reactionary Change for improved Decision Making, Relationship Management and Stress Reduction. She is co-host of the weekly show The Professed Word and spends much time working with
Victor R. Napier
Author, motivator and speaker.
Victor R. Napier
Author, motivator and speaker.
Kimberly Harris
Sr. Government Proposal Writer
Sherry Bailey
Published Author, professional speaker, certified substitute teacher, licensed and ordained minister and basically a lover of life.
Stephanie Lahart

Larry McKenzie
A coach, author, educator and motivational speaker. Larry McKenzie, the only coach to win four straight state titles in the 100 year history of the Minnesota State Boys Basketball tournament is sharing his success strategies for “winning” on the court and
Juanita Johnson
Juanita Johnson [aka JUANITA] is a multi-faceted individual. She has a very diverse background as a singer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and activist. Former co-founder of G&J Consulting Services, a successful creative services firm that provide
Shanna Green
Expert on Youth and Foster Care Issues & Relationships, Specializing In Youth Advocating. Related Topics Include: From Streets to the White House, The Power of Change, You are Impossible, Being A Productive Member Of Society, and Overcoming Adversity.
Johnny Wilson
The Community of Concerned Citizens is a non-profit organization registered with the state of S.C. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of Critical Thinking among citizens of all ages, and bridge the gap created by selfish, egotistical thought. We want to
James Lingo III
National speaker,Life coach,Youth Consultant
Talia Mark
Available to speak to post graduate, undergraduate and high school students on taking the path less traveled. This series chronicles the path that led to serve in management positions for NASCAR and USA Swimming (the Olympic Swim Team) before 30 yrs old.
Walethia Aquil
Any business motivational speaker can entertain and present inspirational messages, but very few can deliver a speech that creates immediate perceptional and behavioral changes benefiting both the participant and the organization.
Christopher Williams
I conduct marketing strategy seminars and workshops. Topics include Marketing Strategy, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing. These classroom-style sessions feature intensive hands-on instruction in an environment that encourages maximum participant-trai
I serve as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. In addition to being a professional Life Coach, I have also presented nationally to general audiences speaking on the topics of Empowerment & Personal Growth.
Michelle J. Miller
Michelle J. Miller is a corporate lawyer, managing real estate broker and motivational speaker that take the world by storm due to her no nonsense drive to ignite people to stop the excusing and start living the life they desire.
Gerald P Simmons Jr
Website is underconstruction! The Cards Of Life Seminars was created to help keep students focused on the BIG picture, which is to graduate. One of the biggest mistakes college students make is forgetting who they are & falling into the wrong crowd
Genise Patterson
Karlynne-Mitchell (KM) Resource Management Group LLC is a Maryland based company that focuses on leading small business and non-profit entities in enhancing their daily operations. We deliver one-to-one coaching and group workshops for business process
Denise Callahan

Kamal Al-Adil
This is a way to promote and sell the expression of abstract and verbal expressionism..

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